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Cerec Crowns

CEREC CROWNS A Cerec crown is made from ceramic or a resin material. This computer-aided technology used to make a Cerec crown gives a more comfortable fit and uses 3D imaging so the dentist can match the color to give a more natural look and feel. They are solid porcelain and are created and placed in a single appointment. This is convenient for patients to limit their appoitments and less stress in their busy schedules. Completing the Cerec permanent restoraion in a single appointment avoids the need for wearing a temporary crown for two weeks or longer. Crowns help restore natural teeth while hiding imperfections in your smile, such as:

*Cracked or broken teeth or fillings

*Chipped teeth or misshapen

*Teeth with large/cracked silver fillings

*Teeth worn from occlusal trauma i.e.grinding/clenching habit

*Severe Tooth decay If you are interested or would like to talk to Dr. Burgner concerning Cerec, please call the office.