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Broken Teeth:

This is a recent case of a CHILD who did a “face plant on to the ground” when he fell off his bike. The front teeth were fractured, and one tooth was broken off into the nerve. This was an initial “fix”, which included “treating the exposed nerve” (root canal / endodontic therapy), then restoring the smile line with cosmetic resin bonding.

Treating Spaces, discoloration, etc with Veneers:

This person’s teeth came in this way, with congenital excessive spaces (diastemas) between the teeth, discolored teeth with brown and white stains that developed over time. “Changed her smile” by closing the spaces and covering up the stains and discolored teeth on the upper front six teeth, (and lower front six teeth – that don’t show much in these pics) . This gave her a more “feminine” natural smile. This required no “drilling” of the teeth, and were “Cosmetic Resin Veneers” (“Bonding”)

Needing a new smile for the wedding! – Treated with Veneers:

for a “20-something” college student who was getting married soon and wanted some of his smile fixed. Rather than doing ALL of his front six or eight teeth, I did Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers on three teeth, matching the color with the others, and “straightening” up his Smile – for a masculine cosmetic Smile.